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“I am a female and have the following physical fitness background”
(Select one or more of the statements that describes you.)

  1. womenI am moderately athletic -- but not as strong or agile as I want to be - and would like to improve or restore my abilities.
  2. I work out all of the time but cannot seem to obtain the results I desire.
  3. I am somewhat physically active but would like to be stronger, healthier, slimmer, and more toned.
  4. I was once athletic; I used to be involved in sports or other physical involvements in high school and/or college but have fallen out my ideal shape.
  5. I recently gave birth and would like to shed the excess “baby weight” and fit into my “skinny” jeans again.
  6. I exercise moderately but cannot find a way to motivate myself to achieve my goals.
  7. I am generally lethargic when it comes to exercise and hardly consider myself physically active – but I would like to change that.
  8. I just want to lose weight and eat better.

If you selected any of the above, you are more than ready to become actively involved in improving your physical health and well-being.  If you visit our Services page, you may be interested in Cardiovascular Training, Resistance Training, Body Fat Reduction, Nutritional Guidance, Core Training & Strengthening, Weight Training, Group Training, and more. Or, feel free to Contact one of our fitness professionals for an individual assessment.


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