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I initially came to PerforMax because it was so close to my home.  After meeting Nate, I decided that he was what I needed in order to get the results I was looking for.  At 45, I was at my highest weight and tired of feeling lousy all of the time.  I came into my assessment with a list of goals, and Nate assured me that all of these goals were attainable and we would work together towards my success.  I knew we would get along when I told him that I needed to workout at 5:30 am and he didn't hesistate!

At almost 4 months into my journey I am having great success.  My doctor is impressed with my weight loss and I  hope to be off my blood pressure meds next month.  I've also dropped four pants sizes!  I appreciate the one-on-one time with Nate and the undivided attention I receive during my workouts.  Nate is always open to answer any questions I may have, and he continues to push and encourage me.  I enjoy the time that I spend with Nate and I'm so happy to be seeing results!

Cindy Rebbe
Ballwin, MO

I decided to come to PerforMax because I didn't feel like my current exercise routine was giving me results.  I had put on weight and my clothes were getting tight.  I needed a change.  After meeting with Nate, I was asked to keep a food journal and from that, Nate taught me what needed to change.  When it comes to exercise, Nate has also taught me that strength and resistance training are key to weight loss and health, and changing up my cardio workouts to increase my heart rate is also important.

My main goal was to fit into my clothes again, and I have definitely met that goal... I even surpassed it!  So far I have lost over 55 pounds and I feel so much better and I have enjoyed shopping because my old clothes don't fit!

Julina Stucki
Chesterfield, MO

I have been working with Nate for 8 months now and  could not be more pleased.  This is my first experience with a personal trainer and my original goal was to just improve strength and flexibility.  So far, I've lost over 20 pounds, reduced body fat, lowered my blood pressure, and have never felt stronger or healthier in my life.  Nate has counseled and worked with me on improving health and fitness through exercise and nutrition.  My program is designed specifically for my goals and limitations.  It is a balance of strength, stamina, flexibility, and nutrition.  Every session is different, which improves my productivity and also makes sure I never get bored!  Nate provides consistent feedback and encouragement.  His easygoing, friendly personality creates an atmosphere that is motivating, but not intimidating.  If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Nate will lead you every step of the way!

Joann Schmuke
St. Louis, MO

Nate Palmer has been our personal trainer for the past four years.   He is knowledgeable, personable, and easy to work with.  My wife and I have felt stronger and healthier, and attribute that to his training and counsel.

Nate has helped me through some health challenges.  I was able to get my blood pressure under control through his nutrition guidance, strength training, and cardio recommendations.  Eventually, I was able to eliminate medication.

Nate was also involved with my recovery from a bicycle accident that resulted in multiple broken bones.  The accident was a testament to Nate’s knowledge of kinesiology.  He knew exactly which exercises would be best for my rehabilitation.  My doctor also concurred that Nate’s program was spot on.

Nate is a part of our weekly routine and we would be happy to offer any references.

Ron and Sandra
Roseville, CA

My wife first started training with Nate three years ago.  She convinced me to try a workout with him.  I initially was a bit stubborn, but was I wrong!  Nate is mainly my trainer now.  I train four times a week and end up using all of my wife’s sessions.

Since I am an avid golf player, I asked Nate if he could tailor my program around helping my golf game.  We worked on core strength, flexibility, and resistance exercises that would be involved in a golf swing.  A year later I won my Country Club’s annual golf tournament.

I am very thankful to Nate for his hard work and commitment to me and my wife.  My kids even train with him when they are home from college.  Nate is the best around and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Mark and Sue Debruin
Debruin Medical Center and Sports Medicine
Granite Bay, CA

I was looking for some help getting back in shape.  I needed to lose weight, lower my blood pressure and cholesterol, and reduce my body fat.  I also needed help getting into softball shape.  I played college baseball, and was asked to play on a softball team.  Unfortunately, I was a little terrified because I knew how out of shape I was.  A friend of mine was working with Nate and informed me how knowledgeable he was, and that he played college ball as well.  Nate soon began training me three times a week and also gave me some nutritional guidance.

I have been training with Nate for almost two years and I have lost 9% body fat and 22 pounds!  I actually look athletic again!  Working out with Nate does not feel like working out at all.  It’s actually fun!  Nate knows when to push me and when to back off.  Nate has exceeded all of my expectations.  I would recommend Nate to anyone that is interested in overall health and athletic training.  No one is better.

Mike Sebasta

Stock Broker
Granite Bay, CA


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